Three Reasons to take a childbirth education class

Kaytlin Brown

Licensed Massage Therapist, Birth Doula, & Childbirth Educator
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The time has come! You’re pregnant and wondering what the heck you should do next. Spoiler alert, it’s not what you might think! While creating a registry is somewhat important, there are other things that should take priority. One of said things is to find and sign up for a Childbirth Education Class. 

Regardless of what number pregnancy you're on, first time parent or a seasoned birther, education plays a major role in how your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience will play out. 

Here are three reasons you should prioritize education and take a childbirth class:
  1. Build your confidence in your body’s ability to give birth. Information truly is power when it comes to pregnancy and birth. The more you understand about the journey and what your body is going through/how to work with it, the less fear you’ll have around the unknowns that come along with it! 
  2. You can address concerns/fears with your instructor and/or other people in the same situation. Most of the time, Childbirth Education is done in a group setting. Having that safe space to work through those, alongside others who might be feeling the same way, can help to bring calm to your mind and body, increasing your confidence. 
  3. Your support people can be a part of the learning and understand their role as support even more. Bringing your support team into the learning atmosphere can be so powerful for them. Sometimes they can feel a bit lost, not knowing what to do or say in the tough moments. Arming yourselves with information, together, means that your voices will be heard and your wants/needs listened to that much easier in times of advocacy. 

While the benefits of taking a Childbirth Education class are endless, these are a few of the top reasons! There are many opportunities to learn out there. From online, self-paced courses to in person, small group classes… There truly is an option for every lifestyle!  Do the research now so you can breathe easy knowing you’re ready when your big day comes! 

Interested in checking out a Dare to Birth Class?  Click Here!

Congratulations by the way… you’ve got this!

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