The Labor Coping Tool Box

Alex Barr

Childbirth Educator, Full Spectrum Doula, & Creator of Dare to Birth
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FAQ: what should I bring to my birth?
Answer: ✨your labor tool box✨

The tools you bring to your birth can make or break your labor experience! This isn't your typical "what to pack" checklist. This list contains some physical items as well as the mental and educational tools you can prepare to have a more empowered and educated birth!

The labor tool box can be separated into a few categories -

1️. hands-on tools: combs, fans, tens units, massage tools, snacks, essential oils, eye masks

2️. physical tools: REST, position changes, movement

3️. mental tools: affirmations, mediations, music, decision making skills (B.R.A.I.N.), advocacy skills, education, items to make your space comfortable!

And this is just the start, as you learn more and prepare for birth, postpartum, and parenting you will continue to add to that tool box.

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