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Dare to Birth's Mission

Our mission is provide a non-judgemental childbirth class that prepares all families for the realities of birth and postpartum.
And, we couldn't do it without our amazing team of passionate educators!

Dare to Birth is unique in many ways but the most important difference is our business structure.
Our educators are trained and certified but we are not simply a training program, we are a team!

Our educators handle teaching, marketing classes and supporting families. Dare to Birth handles registrations, class schedules, intake of students, payments, scholarships, social media management, brand awareness, and ongoing business and class support.

Our Values

Access Centered - always attempting to be more accessible and inclusive
Intersectionality - meeting people at the intersections of all of their identities
Community and Mutual Aid - volunteering time and/or funds to our community via scholarships
Radical honesty, transparency, and compassion
photo of Alex Barr
Alex Barr
Childbirth Educator & Full Spectrum Doula

About Alex

Alex is a Phoenix-based birth advocate, certified full-spectrum doula, child birth educator, a queer, plus-size/fat activist and founder of Dare to Birth. Alex stepped into birthwork after her own experience navigating fatphobia and an extreme lack of support during her own pregnancy. Knowing that families deserved better Alex stepped into doula work and then childbirth education.

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If you're ready to join a team of passionate educators, teach an inclusive, fun curriculum now's the time.
Dare to Birth is always accepting applications and is looking for educators all over the US!

*Our Phoenix team is currently full.