Learn to birth BRAVE and Confident

Four-week Series

Conquer fear and anxiety by discovering your options, learning about interventions, and knowing how to speak up for what's right for you, your body, and your baby.

You'll learn advocacy and decision-making skills in a judgment-free context alongside a small, inclusive community of parents.

Each 2-hour class helps you prepare for birth, giving you the evidence-based tools and information you need to advocate for the best decision in any moment. With your free workbook and resources in hand, you’ll have all the information, right when you need.

One-day class

Experience a more positive birth by overcoming anxiety, fear of the unknown, and negative portrayals of childbirth.

This one-day intensive allows you to covers the same essentials as the Four-Week series. You'll learn alongside others in a fun, informative course offering judgment-free, evidence-based instruction that doesn't idolize any single choice or type of birth.

Feel confident speaking up for your desires for birth. And learn how to communicate confidently with your care providers.

This course includes your free workbook and resources, giving you knowledge in hand right when you need it.

Private classes

Get personalized, one-on-one instruction, delivered on a flexible schedule that's most convenient for you.

This customized experience is tailored to your unique needs, questions, and concerns. Discover the evidence-based skills and knowledge you need to own your birth, know your options, advocate for your body, and make the right call in the right moment.

Learn how to prepare for your birth—mentally, emotionally, and physically—so you feel brave, calm, and confident every step of the way.

Class Schedule

Four-Week Series

July 12, 2024
6PM to 8:30PM MST
Bodywise Chiro, Tempe, AZ

One Day Crash Course

August 3, 2024
9am to 3pm AZ
Kokua, Scottsdale, AZ

Four-Week Series

August 13, 2024
6pm to 8:30pm
Root and Rise Collective Mesa, AZ

Four-Week Series

September 6, 2024
6pm to 8:30pm
Bodywise Chiro, Tempe, AZ

Birth Brave and Confident

Ready to start advocating for you, your body, and your baby? Explore fun, positive classes equipping you to know your options and feel confident making decisions in any moment.